RSUD Dr H Slamet Martodirdjo Launches 7 Innovation Programs

In a series of activities to celebrate the 492nd Pamekasan Anniversary, the Health Service, Community Health Centers and Hospitals in the Pamekasan Regency Government are holding the Launching of the 101st Innovation Program in the Health Sector, this coming 19 November. RSUD Dr H Slamet Martodirjo in this event will contribute seven types of innovation programs.
The Acting Director of RSUD Dr. H Slamet Martodirdjo, Dr. Raden Budi Santoso, revealed the seven areas of innovation owned by the hospital he leads, including the “Halo Smart” program, “Sisus Needs Popme”, “Ketupat”, “Smooth Twilight”, Red Blue Program ” , “Nimble Check” and “Code Stroke”.
Dr Budi said ”Halo Smart” is a laboratory service whose aim is to reduce the accumulation of patients in the laboratory by providing a telephone number that the patient can call or the hospital will give it to the patient when the examination is complete.
While “Ketupat” is a program aimed at reducing queues for taking outpatient medicine for high-risk patients, for example, elderly with disabilities, pregnant women, patients at risk of falling. The patient’s medicine will be delivered to the patient’s house free of charge by the pharmacist.
While “Lancar Senja” is a service for heart attack sufferers. All patients are given a contact telephone number for the RSUD. The family can call the telephone number, then the doctor will give advice on what to do.
The “Red Blue Program” is an Asianomic congenital heart disease screening. In this program each health center gives a red and blue card. The red card is a criterion for congenital heart disease in children who are still in the asianomic category, while the blue card is for the cyanotic category.
“It is hoped that this program can make the work of health workers at the Posyankes easier, so that when they find a patient with these symptoms, they can only bring the patient to be referred to Pamekasan Hospital. The hope of this program is that patients with congenital heart disease will not miss their treatment,” said doctor Budi, Tuesday (11/15/22).
The next one is the ”Code Stroke” program, which is a hospital innovation program where all Posyankes, if there is a patient with stroke symptoms, are immediately taken to the hospital in less than 3 hours at the hospital, the patient will immediately undergo a head CT scan and immediately be given thrombolytic drugs. and this program is the only one in Madura and can be covered by BPJS.
Doctor Budi added that the Pamekasan Hospital was a referral hospital for various regions in Madura. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare facilities, both human resources or infrastructure and innovation programs. Its innovation aims to help people get the best service.

This innovation, he said, needs to be improved, evaluated and needs to provide education to the wider community by mobilizing cadres and mobilizing activity groups, for example, the healthy heart group. “What is no less important is also using information media, mass media and social media,” he concluded

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